Podcast 136 – Acting “As If…”

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Have you been aligning your vibration with what you want but no results? That’s when the ego kicks in with doubt, fear, and resistance to how the Universe really works. The marvelous system we live within has a beautiful built-in method of aligning what shows up in our life with the predominant vibration we’re putting out.

Think of it like a little radio tower sitting on top of our head. WE (what is truly inside of us) are the radio station disc jockey. What we put out, the Universe picks up and delivers back to us. If we have embedded fear, doubt or resistance it can block things flowing to and through us like a concrete wall.

I was recently asked by a listener to talk about how to act “as if” things we want to show up in our lives has, even when it seems so far away. I had a recent experience that was a perfect illustration of how to do this the best way possible. I hope you enjoy the stories and get the points illustrated.

Enjoy the Journey,