Podcast 140 – How to Know Your Soul Path – North and South Nodes

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I said in the introduction to this podcast, it may be the most important podcast I’ve ever done.
Because this episode talks about how you can know what your soul’s “journey” is in this life, what you brought with you, what your “strong suits” are and what you have to work on in order to complete your soul’s path in this life.

We’re exploring the North Node and South Node of your astrological chart. You don’t have to know anything about astrology to understand this podcast. All you have to do is know your birthday and go to a couple free websites. It’s literally that easy.

Here are step-by-step instructions how to go to the websites: Click Here

Please listen to this episode very carefully. It has implications about our subconscious mind, how we are programmed to default back to what we brought in (moving us away from our soul’s path), and how the Universe supports with many opportunities to grow, as long as we are aligned with our purpose (as reflected in our North Node).