Podcast 142 – Neville Goddard – Believe It In

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This is a special request from our Facebook Group, which if you haven’t joined is here and we would love to have you:


The request was to elaborate on an article written many years ago by Neville Goddard, who was a prominent teacher of the imagination and thoughts becoming our reality. He lived in LA and taught mostly in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s of the last century.

This request took me a lot deeper, and in this podcast and in the next in Podcast 143, we unpack not only how to “Believe It In,” but how we are part of the Great Source from which all things come, and by connecting with that Source, we can draw to ourselves all that we need and want from that Great Supply.

Here is the “Believe It In” article by Neville Goddard and a short lecture from YouTube to just expose you to more of his work:



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