Podcast 155 – Career Astrology – Are You In The Right Job?

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This podcast lays the groundwork we will be continuing about using the miraculous system of astrology to help determine your best career. This is something I worked on during the Majona’s hospital stay and post-operative recovery, and it blew me away! It’s using several elements of astrology to help determine what your best career areas are.

Astrology can often be mis-understood and sometimes mis-used, but in the proper context, astrology offers beautiful insights into how we are intricately empowered for the many twists and turns life brings our way. We are definitely souls on a journey, and this system is highly accurate at showing us where energy hot spots are in our life.

If you would like to discuss career astrology relative to your own job pursuits, please visit the coaching page here or email me at thomas@subconsciousmindmastery.com

Enjoy the Journey!