Podcast 160 – Moon Astrology and MORE with Dawn Champine!

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Astrologer Dawn Champine (Goddesstrology on Twitter) joins us today for a more in-depth conversation about manifesting with the moon. In Podcast 113, I talked about this for the first time, then we followed some lunar cycles into the 2017 total eclipse. I crossed paths with Dawn via Twitter, and she helps us take a much deeper dive on all things lunar – new moons, full moons, the path of the moon, and lunar nodes.

If you want to take your manifesting game up a notch, this will be a great podcast to help your awareness of how much the moon affects us…much more than we think if we are unconscious to it.

This is an especially important conversation with the upcoming full moon on September 24, 2018 being “heavily aspected.” What that means is the energy has, once again in 2018, been excessive. We talk about how that can affect us as we approach full moons. Even though you many not hear this around that full moon, when things in the sky are “wonky,” it’s worth being aware!

Dawn does private sessions and can be contacted both from her website and Twitter:



Astrology Apps Mentioned: 

Time Nomad – https://timenomad.app/

Time Passages – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/timepassages-pro/id483241160?mt=8