Podcast 169 – “Rejuvenaging” with Dr. Ronald Kaiser

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Want to know the secret to aging well? Actually, it’s no secret. It’s a series of steps you follow when you are younger, so when you hit those “golden years,” you have well-laid the subconscious programming for an amazing life in your later years. We have a walking testimony to that very process with us in this podcast!

But this show isn’t age-related. ANYONE can apply this amazing material at any age. Today, we are talking to Dr. Ronald Kaiser, a clinical psychologist and author of a new book, “Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm.”

Isn’t that a great title? And check out the results – they speak for themselves. I won’t give away his age here, it’s in the podcast, but he looks great when you hear how young he is!

He shares with us his 7 keys to follow – at any age – as the foundation to living a great life from the way you think first….then how it plays out as the years unfold.

Here are some links so you can get to know Dr. Kaiser better. I joined his “gym” which he also discusses in the show.

Enjoy the Journey!

Rejuvenaging Links:

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Rejuvenaging Video Here