Podcast 170 – Destiny Cards with Rosie Cutter

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Have you ever heard of Destiny Cards?

I hadn’t either, but today you’re going to learn about a really cool, easy, fun new tool to help you on your journey! This system pre-dates using a 52-card deck of what we think of as playing cards but were actually used for a whole other purpose before their popularity for solitaire and poker! There is a hidden map of your life – from birth up to right now – in these cards! We’re going to unpack it for you here.

Our guest is the person who I found the cards from – Rosie Cutter. She’s an astrologer, reader and so much more who hails from Aspen, but is very well traveled, including Jackson Hole, Hawaii, and many other places. A former professional musician (from the cards!), she now does readings for a wide variety of clients worldwide.

Here are some links to help you get more acquainted with this amazing system:

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Robert Lee Camp’s Site (Rosie’s Partner in the Deck)

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