Podcast 175 – Fred Dodson “Intuitive Awareness Method”

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Get ready! Fred Dodson is back and after this interview, he said he thought it was the best one we have done in six years! 

We’re talking about his latest book, “Intuitive Awareness Method,” or IAM for short. This is a 5-step process that will help you tune into your intuition, and gain clarity on what your soul is telling you is best for you. 

When Fred talks about the “Stream of Life” (Reality Creation Technique) and (Levels of Energy), this is what he’s talking about – keeping your boat in the middle of the stream through intuition. 

As a matter of personal testimony, I tried this right after finishing recording the audiobook and it steered me right in the direction I needed. It is very powerful indeed. 


Intuitive Awareness Method – Amazon
Intuitive Awareness Method – Audible
Fred Dodson Music (New 2019)

Enjoy the Journey!
Thomas, Fred & Majona