Podcast 18 – David, Goliath and FEAR!

This was too good to pass up.  I was in a meeting not long ago with a really great guy who has an amazing perspective on life, faith, spirituality, and serving other people.  He is a constant radar for folks who might need his help.  And he will alter his schedule and give his time to anyone who crosses his path who might need a hand.  I’m very pleased that we will now be working together in a significant capacity in my life.

After we completed the business part of the meeting, we started talking about personal matters and it didn’t take long for the topic to turn to church, faith, and the true application of Christianity and spirituality.  He has a very refreshing look on how faith should be lived out in our lives and as a little example of his more practical perspective, he told me the old familiar story of David and Goliath, but like I’d never heard it before.  I had to share it with you, and there’s a great application we can work into our own lives every day.