Podcast 20 – Tools of the Subconscious Trade

It takes a lot of guts to look at your life and decide you need to make changes.  This is a bold, brave move, should you be considering doing so.  Most people are content to live their lives on a daily grind – the treadmill analogy – without ever stopping long enough to do a deep-dive and see if something needs to change.

If you have done so, I salute you.  In this Podcast, we are going to look at some tools that were a big part of my own process of making radical changes to the programming of my subconscious mind that have resulted in a dynamic, powerful life.  Wherever you are now, have hope that you can create a life you love.

It takes time.  It’s not a drive-through solution.  But you can do it.  In this podcast are some tools to help you along the way.