Podcast 34 – Angels & Manifesting with Anu Shi Asta

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Please meet Anu Shi Asta.  She is a radio show host, advisor, author, writer, speaker, and helps people meet and work with their Angels.  In her spare time (lol), she donates a few minutes of a Sunday afternoon to join us here on Subconscious Mind Mastery!  I had the pleasure of interviewing Anu today and we talked about Angels, how they  impact our journey, how they can help us manifest our heart’s desires, and how they add a multi-dimensional component when we invite them into our lives.

The topic of Angles may be quite familiar to you, or something totally new in your quest.  This podcast will certainly open you to a new perspective of an unseen, but very real, beautiful and available world, if we just ask.

Resources mentioned in Podcast:

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