Podcast 60 – 5 Steps To Change Subconscious Mind Programming

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There are deep-rooted programs in our subconscious mind – from our childhood, our upbringing, parents, culture around us as we were growing up, etc.  Those that are more emotional and intense form deep emotional “roots” and our subconscious mind develops various flight or fight ways to overcome them.

In this podcast, we’re going to talk about how to reprogram those deep emotional subconscious patterns.  I’ll take you through 5 steps that will help you literally change the operating system, and the way you responded, to these triggers that formerly would fire-off when you found yourself confronted with a particular situation.

If you would like the notes, feel free to copy/paste them from here.

STEP 1 – Clarity
Get out your journal and write as specifically as you can word it – what the issue is

STEP 2 – Add Emotion

  • What we’ve done so far is in your conscious mind. It’s a game plan.
  • Now, we have to add emotion, because the negative programming is CHALK FULL of negative emotion.
  • You have to re-condition your emotional aspect and this is the hardest part of the assignment
  • You could do affirmations and that would be fine for the conscious mind, but let’s go deeper than that

STEP 3 – Clearly define a different response next time it comes up.
Make it empowering – using the trigger for how you would like to respond next time

Step 3-A – Repeat listing the emotions as before

STEP 4 – Re-programming the subconscious mind

#1 – Go into a meditative state – Alpha or Theta (Use one of Kelly Howell’s audio’s from BrainSync.com if you prefer)

#2 – Neutralize the old emotion

  • Go back and listen to #57 where Fred did the guided meditation with me and how he masterfully neutralized the negative side of running out of money.
  • Do that same process here. Magnify the negative
  • Be careful here – especially if it is a deep scar, particularly abuse. You may need professional help with this, depending on where you are
  • Magnify it and make it so crazy silly that you get yourself to laughing
  • You can dress the other people up in costumes – like clowns. Make it a cartoon. Foghorn Leghorn or Daffy Duck

#3 – Visualize what it would look like for you to emit (whatever it is) -pure love – from your being

  • Become totally absorbed with that feeling
  • Magnify it huge in your mind-movie
  • Recall a time in your life when that emotion was at its very highest peak
  • Then magnify it even more
  • Feel the emotion of what that feels like
  • You should be really smiling and feel very warm at this point – if not, then keep working on it until you do. You MUST shift your emotion

STEP 5 – Anticipate the next situation

  • Journal when it could possibly occur – expand the details around that
  • You are creating preparedness – you’ll be ready
  • Then go back into meditation and see yourself responding with love, diffusing the situation and everyone is happy and loving
  • See your situation in a positive light. Visualize it happening in precise detail.


Repeat this every day for at least 30 days if you want to really reprogram something

There is no drive-through for this

If you’re really, really serious:  30 Days MINIMUM


Last Point: Be ready & alert. The Universe will be happy to present you with a situation to test this!

…..Enjoy the Journey 🙂