Podcast 61 – 2 Ways To Eliminate Resistance

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When we set intentions, often the Universe will test us around that area.  And when the test comes, often our subconscious mind, trained to protect us, will throw up resistances – often out of the good intention to keep us safe. But that resistance can keep us from experiencing the very blessing of our intention.  In that way, resistance is not protection at all, and is exactly where we have to release the resistance, then re-program our subconscious mind to lay down the resistance and accept the good that is coming into our life.  This is transformation at its core.

I reviewed two good old classic systems recently that are both effective in helping to release.

The first is called the Sedona Method, developed from the work and teachings of Lester Levenson.  It asks four basic questions.  A good resource to read up on it more is here:

Another excellent system to help you identify things within yourself that you may be projecting to others is called “The Work” by Byron Katie.  Her website is a treasure trove of free information that will guide you through the process.

And, in this Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast #61, we talk both methods, along with some tips and ways you can apply them to your life.

Enjoy the Journey