Podcast 63 – Dream Interpretation

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Dreams are a vital way our subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind.  Yet, we often just think dreams are silly vignettes that have little or no meaning.

It has been estimated that by age 60, you will have slept 175,200 hours, dreamed for 87,000 of those hours, and had a total of 197,100 dreams.

There are several types of dreams we discuss in the podcast –

  • Daydreams – awake, but still subconscious communication
  • Lucid Dreams – where you direct and control the dream
  • Recurring Dreams – subconscious mind graciously trying to get your attention
  • Nightmares – often subconscious with a warning
  • Prophetic Dreams – More urgent warning – something about to happen

Many people don’t remember their dreams.  Here are a couple suggestions to help you remember dreams:

  1. Spend 2-3 minutes before bed meditating and invite your conscious and subconscious mind to help you remember tonight’s dreams.
  2. Set an intention to remember
  3. Keep your journal and a pen at bedside so you can capture the details of the dream quickly after you wake up.  If you don’t capture it right then, you’ll forget it.

How do can we remember dreams?  Several suggestions we discuss in the podcast, including –

  1. Think of any other characters in the dream as you.
  2. Give the dream a headline, like a sensationalized newspaper story
  3. Revisit the dream when you’re awake and try to interact with the characters
  4. Reconstruct the dream as a mini-novel with these parts
    1. Introduction
    2. Plot
    3. Conclusion

This is a very informative podcast and will help you become conscious and aware of how you can glean more meaning from your dreams.  This will be an excellent way to help you connect the conscious and subconscious minds more effectively.

Sweet Dreams & Enjoy the journey,
Thomas Miller