Podcast 64 – Conscious Living

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It dawns on me that many people don’t live consciously.  In fact, in retrospect, I realized I spent most of my life living unconsciously.  Not that I didn’t have my own successful television business, got married, had kids, bought and sold houses, etc., but it was mostly done from an unconscious perspective of reaction and response.

We are creators by nature, and I was never aware of that until I started learning a new way of life.  Not only can we create and align ourselves with what we want vibrationally, but our subconscious mind and our higher self are always there to help lead and guide us to our highest and best purpose.

In this podcast, I’ll tell you several ways I use to help dial into your intuition through various forms of muscle testing.

So if you feel like you’re bouncing around life like a ping-pong ball and not guiding and directing your life purposefully, this podcast will encourage you to live by Intention – Intuition and letting Resistance go (IRR for 2015).


Enjoy The Journey,
Thomas Miller