Podcast 66 – Easter Sunday and New Beginnings

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This podcast is recorded on Easter Sunday 2015 – a day commemorating new beginnings, redemption, forgiveness, love, transformation, resurrection.  Something we may find many of us desiring as a basic human need, especially if we have wandered astray at some point in our lives.

In this podcast, we review the basic story of Easter, tracing it back to the book of Genesis in the Bible where the original need for redemption unfolded, according to Jewish tradition.  It’s a reminder that we are still creators of our lives, particularly when we choose to live from intuition, then create the life we choose, not one that is chosen for us.  Then we impress that created vision on our subconscious minds, aligning our conscious and subconscious for its fulfillment.  That’s living a created life.

Also, I promised you an excellent video.  This runs an hour, but is some of the best and most inspiring material on getting in touch with, and living from, your intuition.  Oprah mastered it early in her life and career, and with excellent illustrations, talks about how she used intuition to help guide her career.

This is something I wish for each of you this Easter 2015 – to live a truly created life.

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas Miller