Podcast 71 – Examining Your Identity

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I’ve had some windshield time lately and chose to dive back into Parallel Universes of Self Audiobook while I was driving.  Some very interesting things came up from this, including one section from Chapter 5 of the book that talks about how we attract into our lives those things that vibrationally match how we see ourselves.  Our Identity.

We’re going to lift about 6 minutes out of the audiobook where Fred Dodson discusses four steps of identifying and changing your identity.  This is such critical information that can literally instantly shift everything about what is coming into your life now, and in the future.  This is not passive listening.  This is “get your pen, journal and roll you sleeves up” listening.  This one is for those who are serious about making some huge and positive changes in your life.

It’s time to find a new identity and anchor that in your subconscious mind.

Enjoy the Journey,
Thomas Miller