Podcast 77 – Up Your Game!

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On this edition of Subconscious Mind Mastery we talk about 3 main things:  One is upping your personal productivity.  I revamped mine by renovating my workspace at home, and found peel-and-stick white boards by At-A-Glance that have revolutionized my workflow and ability to capture ideas.  Another game-up is Dr. Sean Sullivan’s Mind Mastery program.  I’ve talked about this in previous podcasts, but it’s an awesome program that can help you take your life up a notch.  He begins the program with a personal awareness exercise that was off the charts for me, as you will hear.  Finally, we discuss a new book I’m in the process of writing that is going to be on a topic that is my karmic twin!  I got this from fellow listener Leslie Thornton who led me through an amazing muscle testing exercise to reveal subconscious blocks.  You’ll hear that story here as well.

Here are the resources I mention in the podcast:

The Mind Master Program:

Leslie Thornton

Enjoy YOUR Journey!
Thomas Miller