Podcast 96 – Rob Mitchell Series – Part 2

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We’re going to roll right into our 3-part series with Rob Mitchell of oiltradingroom.com. If you missed Episode 95, listen to that first and you will have the introductory context of who Rob Mitchell is and what makes him tick.

We will have a fun, fast-paced Lightening Round to conclude this series on Podcast 97, so be sure to join us there as well.

The podcast is now accepting donations from listeners who are inclined to do so. Taking action in the Universe (Mike Dooley calls it “Pitches to the Universe”) is a key to things unfolding in our life according to what we create and see in our minds and what we hold in our thoughts. Taking an action step – even if it’s $2, or the equivalent of a Starbucks, or more, will both of us.

Enjoy the Journey,