Rick Clunn – The Mastery of Intuition in Bass Fishing

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I had an intuitive prompt the other day to look back at a chapter of my past, going back some three decades ago. I was privileged to spend over 15 years on the production team of “The Bassmasters” TV show. Back then it aired on The Nashville Network, then on ESPN, and now it is on some of the outdoor channels. The show covers the Bassmaster Tournament Trail of professional bass fishing. It’s a phonetical niche market of people who are passionate about being outdoors, zipping to and fro in 6-figure bass rigs – all in pursuit of an elusive creature populating most of the freshwater lakes in the US: The largemouth bass. 

Even though the TV show covered the tournament events, to those of us working on the show, the main goal was to get inside the heads of the winners…because that would help more people learn how to catch fish. And if you were watching a fishing show of any kind, it was because you wanted to pick up some little tip or tactic to help you next time at the lake. 

One of the stand-out anglers back then and definitely still today is Rick Clunn. He is a true champion, and just a month before this is posted, he won another big tournament in Florida, hauling in almost 100 pounds of bass over 4 days! At age 72! Rick practices what he preaches, and is still as enthusiastic about his craft as he was 35 years ago. 

Rick Clunn approaches fishing differently, as you will hear in the podcast. I didn’t really realize back then the power this guy had, even at that relatively early point in his career. Rick talks about how visualization, intuition and meditation guide him to what has been an unbelievable career in the sport of fishing. He talks about how powerful these are, and have been in his career. 

Wow. Just, wow. 

I pulled a few quotes I found recently on his approach, and I’m sure it will inspire and encourage you to not only hone your intuitive and visualization skills, but also to be your absolute best in everything you take on. 

Thank you, Rick Clunn, for such a brilliant encouragement and perspective on how a true champion approaches his craft…and life. 

Enjoy the Journey,