Podcast 101 – LIVE Interview with Fred Dodson

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Two more Fred Dodson audiobooks are out since our last podcast – Journeys in Spectral Consciousness, Levels of Energy Book II and Hidden Realities. Both deal in the realm of comparative religion, and between these two works, Fred answered virtually all the questions I had from my upbringing.

But on top of that, we gathered the participants of the Parallel Universes of Self Seminar, held in Maui, Hawaii in February 2017, around the table for a group conversation. So not only do you get to hear from Fred Dodson, but some of the other participants chime in too for a lively discussion.

Enjoy the podcast and if you want to see the entire library of Fred Dodson audiobooks now, go to audible.com and search both Fred Dodson and Frederick E. Dodson for the full library, as more are being added regularly.