Podcast 7 – Listening to your Subconscious Mind

When I began my journey, learning how my conscious and subconscious mind worked together, I had no idea how to listen to that still small voice.  But once I learned, it shifted my whole life, and miracles showed up.  In this Podcast, we explore when are some of the best times are to connect with your subconscious mind.  Learn to master this material, and you will see dramatic changes in any are of your life:  Money, relationships, career, family, etc.

Mind Mastery – Dr. Sean Sullivan
Brainsync.com – Kelly Howell


This is Subconscious Mind Mastery podcast number 7– Listening to your Subconscious Mind.

Ok, this is going to be a great podcast. And the reason that I’m yawning is that we’re going to talk about some times during the day when you are more in tune or more likely to be in tune with your subconscious mind. And I think definitely one of those times any one would agree is in the morning when you’re just waking up, when your conscious mind is just starting to flicker, that’s a perfect time to learn how to listen to your subconscious mind. It’s really cool because lately I’ve been able to so dialogue between my conscious and unconscious minds in those first few waking hours that I’m able to know exactly where my subconscious mind stands on a number of different issues. It’s really cool when you get to this point. And we’re going to tell you how to do it in this podcast.

So go back and remember our bridge keeper analogy is a great one to keep in mind for this lesson. Between your conscious mind, your conscious self you and where you would like to go, any goal or outcome you’d like to achieve, there is a bridge, think of a bridge between where you are and where you’d like to go. And on the bridge is a little bridge keeper, and that bridge keeper has an amazing ability to store every memory, every emotion, every occurrence, every word that’s ever been spoken, that’s your subconscious mind. And that bridge keeper has one goal in mind, one purpose for being on the bridge, and that is to keep you safe in your life. But the bridge keeper only has the frame of reference of everything that’s ever happened to you in the past. And so the bridge keeper will use all of that every time you want to get from here to there to keep you in what he thinks or she thinks is the safe zone, so this whole idea of reprogramming your subconscious mind is really it basically boils down to this, we are reprogramming or we are dialoguing with the bridge keeper in order to move ourselves in the direction that we want to go.

And the bridge keeper has another amazing ability, the bridge keeper, not our conscious mind, but our subconscious bridge keeper has the ability to go out into the universe, into that formless substance like Wallace Waddles called it and navigate the path ahead of us, the bridge keeper has a way of bringing all the resources together that we might need in order to accomplish our goal, but only – only if the bridge keeper is completely convinced and on board that that’s the best thing for us, if not the bridge keeper will walk down and keep us safe and that’s where we end up in stalemate. We have a conscious desire to do something but we can’t seem to break through and just, it’s like a wall. Well, that’s because our subconscious mind and our conscious mind are in conflict. In the podcast text on www.subconsciousmindmastery.com I’ll have a link to Dr. Sean Sullivan’s Mind Mastery programs. These are fantastic and this is where the bridge keeper concept comes from. Dr. Sullivan has done an amazing job of this neuroplasticity concept that is basically what we’re talking about here. If you’d like to take one of his courses you can link right from there, it’s not an affiliate site yet, I’m in dialogue with him to set that up, hopefully we’ll get that in place before too long, but I just believe in his program, it really made a huge difference in my life, and that’s part of what this website is about, it’s things that it … the ingredients that it took to change my life. I want to pass on to you and see if they’ll help you as well.

So one of the best times during the day to keep in touch with that bridge keeper is in the morning, now sometimes you’ll … as you know, sometimes you’ll just be driving down the road and you’ll get an intuition or you’ll get that sense, you’ll get that urge from inside, that’s the bridge keeper and that’s what we’re talking about, that’s your subconscious mind bubbling up and it happens more frequently than you know, the problem is our conscious minds are just so active and engaged during the day that we don’t slow down enough to listen to when our subconscious mind tries to speak through. So waking up in the morning, going to sleep in the evening, sometimes for some people that’s those restless waking hours in the middle of the morning, three o’clock/four o’clock in the morning when they’re just lying there in bed. But all of a sudden you’re not sleepy, you’re not going to go to sleep, but you’re just so wound down that you might be able to listen to your subconscious mind. There are some activities also that will help us bring us into this state, meditation is one of those times we’re quieting our conscious mind and we’re focusing on something like our breath. And meditation is a time when we can connect with our subconscious mind, it’s a great time. In fact I’m going to tell you at the end of this podcast another resource that made a huge difference in my life were some meditation audio tapes, not tapes, they were MP3 downloads that I listened to off my phone or iPod. But I will tell you about that at the end of this podcast.

Another activity that will help bring you in touch with your subconscious mind, this is well known, is yoga. Yoga is something that again just shifted my life and I would encourage you, if you’ve never taken a yoga class, go do a beginner intro class to yoga, don’t just go jump into a class. I did that the first time and it just didn’t work out so well, go take a beginners series. And you’ll learn the various moves and then to start to work your way into a yoga routine. But I would highly, highly recommend that, it’s not only great for your body, it’s fantastic for your mind and especially for your soul. I have a couple of other times when the subconscious can connect with the conscious and one of them is riding my bicycle. I’ve gotten into road bike riding and I’ve kind of gotten up to where I can spend several hours on the bike at a time now. And oh, that’s just a great time when you get out there, you’re exercising, you’re in this low moderate range of cardio, your heart beats about 125/130 beats a minute, the wind’s blowing in your face and that’s a great time for me to just let the conscious mind go. And a lot of times I’m on my bike and I’m just in the zone, I’m not thinking about anything and then I can connect and the subconscious mind will start to have a voice.

The final way for me is in the shower and I’ve got a funny story that we’ll talk about at the end of this because I want to tell you something. It was like a miracle, a major massive miracle happened in my life and it all started from taking a shower. So let’s go back to what I’m going to use as the catalyst of this, the waking hours. Now, that might not be for you, you might be somebody who wakes up in the morning and you bolt out of bed and your conscious mind is just running at a thousand miles an hour and every morning you wake up and you can’t wait to get out of bed. That might be the case and if it is then this is not going to be the time for you, but there will be a time, it might be for you the going to sleep process is something that takes 45 minutes and you can just lie down and that’s your most restful time, so whenever it is you just apply it to yourself. The concept is there. But our conscious minds are always on during our waking hours. And of course that’s what drives your thoughts, right, it’s hot, it’s cold, I need to pay that bill, lunch needs to be rescheduled, what are we doing this weekend? That’s your conscious mind driving your life, all the events and the circumstances of everything that is daily.

But our subconscious mind, that’s the spirit side, that’s the soul side, that’s the … remember the great law, energy is, God is, that’s the side of us connecting with the universal energy, the universal God to move us toward our goals. And the subconscious mind is literally energy in motion. It’s moving you in the direction that you’ve programmed it. And remember, the bridge keeper, that’s from all the events, circumstances, emotions, situations, memories, data, everything that’s come into your brain, every sensory perception is stored in your subconscious mind. Now remember, we talked about the laws of the universe, the seven sub laws of the great law and one of those sub laws was the law of perpetual transmutation, something is always moving into form. Your subconscious mind is always moving you in a particular direction, in order to go where you want to go you have to align your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, or many of us, we don’t even know that there’s a gap between the two and that might be the starting process for you, is to figure out what your subconscious mind is saying and even to know where your conscious mind wants to go. I went through such a long period of time where I didn’t even have clear direction.

So you have to at least get a conscious clarity of where you want to go. And look, you don’t have to … if starting this process, if for you you’re where I was about four or five years ago and just starting this process and starting to learn this material, start with a small area of your life, don’t try to just start with the big areas, start with something small, something manageable that you can just get your arms around and start to flex and exercise and use these muscles, eventually your subconscious mind will tell you when it’s out of phase with your conscious mind. This will come in the form of doubts and fears or anxiety or just a complete push/pull inside yourself, like a war. Yes, I am. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. No, you’re not. And that’s your subconscious mind telling you there’s a stack of evidence that it has not been convinced that what your conscious mind is trying to say has been pressed upon the subconscious to the point where it is reprogrammed and in alignment with you. So we’re watching for those times when that dialogue starts to show up. Be aware of those times. And I would also encourage you to keep some kind of a record keeping device near that spot. If it’s by your bedside, I keep a journal there, I keep a paper journal. Now, I love to keep electronic notes and some time I’ll talk about my electronic note keeping system. But I keep a paper journal by my bedside and that’s a place where, when that little voice starts to poke through and I need to capture something, I have it right there.

Now, I’m pretty crazy about really wanting to transform my life. And I’ve really learned the power of this. And the power of pressing on your subconscious mind through all the sensory perceptions that we can feed it with, so audibly I like to listen to things that will help reprogram my subconscious mind, visually to look at words, pictures, images, etc. And so one of the things I will do is write on my bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. If there’s some concept that I want to focus on for the day or for the week I’ll write it up on my bathroom mirror. So capturing things in the shower has been a little bit of a problem. But you know what I’ve started to do, and this is crazy, this is nuts, but I will tell you, I am so serious about implementing this in my own life that I’ll just like, will go to no end, that I keep a dry erase marker now in the shower and if I get something I’ll try to just jot a note down because so many … I’ll write it on the wall is what I’m saying, is I’ll write it up on the tile of the bathroom and then just quickly transfer that into the journal. But a lot of times these thoughts will come and go so fast that if you don’t capture it right in the moment, it’ll take wing, and you will not get back to it for a long while. So as you are capturing your subconscious messages, your subconscious mind, your intuition, these challenges and conflicts and thoughts of knowing where your subconscious mind is, then you can go back with your conscious mind and find the discrepancy, where are we out of sync or out of alignment here.

The subconscious mind is not convinced yet of something. So then you can acknowledge the subconscious mind’s fears. Remember, it’s like the bridge keeper and the bridge keeper only wants to keep you safe. And so you acknowledge to the subconscious mind, thank you for looking out for my best interest, for our best interest, thank you for protecting us. But let me tell you some new data that maybe you haven’t taken into consideration… and then you start to reprogram. Let me show you some visual images that… And over time you begin to press new data and new information and new resources and new images, new emotions on the subconscious mind and then you’ll finally know when it clicks in and it’s in alignment and then the next part of the process is to release, then you can let go. And then you can let the subconscious mind just do its thing. Touch base with it every now and then. Hey, are we still okay on this? Yeah, still okay. And then let it go out into the universe and do its work.

Here are a couple of chapters from my own life that will illustrate this and then I’ll give you some resources that will really help you get into the state of where you can connect with your subconscious mind. Remember, I told you that I basically kind of had to learn how to walk again at age 47, and had to almost throw out everything that I had been taught in the past and recreate a new reality of how the universe worked, because the way that I had been taught and trained from my upbringing just wasn’t working for me, I just didn’t have the right perspective on the way that the universe worked. I wasn’t applying the laws. And I was living in out of phase with them and it was just causing a lot of havoc and chaos in my life. And so I started to study this material. I was recently divorced from a wife who was also basically my business partner and so every area of my life was uncertain, financially, directionally, I was like lost at, you know, here I was supposed to be at this crescendo point of my life where you enjoy the fruits of the last several decades, I was looking at just a lot of broken pieces out in the driveway trying to figure out, what am I going to put back together here. And my subconscious mind was screaming to me, you are in danger. And it was trying to tell me that everything was messed up and that just like life was uncertain and there was danger round there and that I had really messed up and that the future was just not looking good. And my subconscious mind was in absolute terror, afraid.

For about a year or more, every morning I would wake up and you talk about waking up and knowing where your subconscious mind was, I would wake up lights on with just a sheer terror and anxiety going through every fiber of my being. My subconscious was saying things like, I’m all alone here, something’s wrong, I’m scared, I’m concerned, I’m anxious, you’re in danger. And that would last through the entire day. And this was during that phase, that year basically that I was living in the RV. So I was starting to get in touch with myself. I was doing all this journaling. I was digging everything up and as I was digging it up and digging it out my subconscious mind was just getting more and more nervous about where we were headed here. But finally as I began to learn this material and started to apply it and the change of direction started to occur, that I did have a future. And I had, for example, an 8500 dollar check show up from a real estate deal that I was cut into totally unexpected. I mean that was huge for me to see something like that happen, that finally my subconscious mind started to realize that consciously I was headed in a good direction and that things did have a bright future.

And over a period of months that anxiety started to subside and finally it went away and it just was gone. And there wasn’t anything I really did to get rid of it except stayed with exactly what I’m talking about in these podcasts and in these blog articles, and just stayed with this process and it started to reprogram my subconscious mind. And then it realized, hey, you actually have some power here and then the shift came into what could we do to take this out to beyond your own walls.

And the second story that I’d like to share with you is a parlay of that because now the subconscious mind is working in my favor. Go back to the fall of 2011, now over the last several years, I’ve never been a big fan of the holiday season, that was when my second divorce happened, was all through the holidays. And it just kind of put a sour taste in my mouth that I hadn’t really gotten over. So now, you know, one of the ways that I kind of would deal with it is to run away. And so I like to get away for the holidays, kind of, you know, get out of town and not just kind of have to deal with it. And that was what I was thinking maybe for the fall of 2011. It was early, it was mid-December and I was thinking about what to do for the upcoming holiday season, didn’t really have any plans. And I was thinking about travelling to a couple of cities that I thought maybe I’d like to visit. I have some family down in Florida and I thought well maybe I could go down there. Well I was taking a shower one morning and this was on my mind and I was just running the question through, what should I do for the holidays. And I thought about these cities and I thought, well yeah, travel around. And then I thought, you know, I’ve always wanted to volunteer to do something somewhere, you know, go to serve a meal on Christmas morning, wouldn’t that be cool. And so I started to light up with that idea, that idea resonated with me.

And then the next thought was, well where could I go, and I thought about nursing homes because I work in the medical area and I have several connections with nursing homes. And I thought well, yeah, I could go do that. I could go volunteer at a nursing home and just go be with some other people in their lives on a day that would really make a difference for people to have me there. And as I was taking my shower there just came this voice as almost as audible as I’m talking to you right now, and it said, ‘your mother is in a nursing home’.

Now, let me tell you this story on that. My mom fell and broke her hip, it was the summer of 2010, so she had been in the nursing home for a year – a little over a year, October 2010 to now we’re December 2011, she had dementia and we had found a beautiful facility for her to be in for her care in Kansas City about a mile from my brother’s house. Now, my brother and I had not had much of a relationship, well I dare say any relationship for almost a decade. Several things had happened that I’m not going to go into, but basically we just had not had a relationship. And as I had started to learn this material and as my life was shifting, one of the great things from getting free and starting to apply this to your life is the healing of past wounds and old grievances, and getting true forgiveness in your life and restoring those really important relationships that are precious to you. And more than anything in the world I wanted a restored relationship with my brother. Now, that was something that my conscious mind and subconscious mind were in complete clarity and complete harmony, I wanted a restored relationship with my brother. But it was slow coming and I could understand, I could see from his perspective. And I got over in his eyes and I saw what it was like for him. And I was like, I’m just going to give this time and give this space and let the process work.

When mom broke her hip in the summer of 2010, my brother and I began to start to work through some of the issues. And one of the deliberate things that I did was just laid down anything, I just was in complete support of my brother as he was taking the lead in the situation, that I was in complete support. I helped him find an initial facility for her in Tulsa. And there were several other things that we worked together on, finally got her situated in this beautiful facility in Kansas City, but then things had kind of settled back down to normal because she was doing okay and there wasn’t much to talk about. So when this little voice said, ‘your mother is in a nursing home’, I knew that I had to contact my brother and see if there was a possible door that might open for me to go up to Kansas City for Christmas.

This is one of those mornings that I’ll never forget, I got out of the shower, toweled off as quickly as I could, went over to my computer and I typed this sentence, I said, ‘what would it look like for me to come to Kansas City to see mom for Christmas’, I just put it out there, that’s all I did, I put it out. And then detached from the outcome because I knew if it didn’t work out, that was fine, I had other options that I could pursue some other things. But here was this really clear voice that had just captured me. So I knew that there was something more behind it.

A couple of days later my brother wrote back and he said, ‘it would thrill her to no end’, that was it. With that I made plans to go to Kansas City. I wasn’t going to impose. I was going to fly up, rent a car, stay in a motel, if we saw each other, great, if not, I would spend some time with my mom and then fly back. A couple of days after that I was having dinner with my daughter and I told her about my plans and she got really excited, she said, “Really! Could I go with you? Could I go to Kansas City to see granny as well?” Oh man, that would have been awesome. So now I’ve got an open door in Kansas City and now my daughter wants to jump on board, how cool is that. When my brother and his wife found out that my daughter wanted to come, oh, they were just thrilled. So they opened up their home and said, “Well why don’t you two stay with us?” Okay, do you see where this is going? And then my son found out about it, and he said, “Oh, are you kidding, you and my uncle are going to be together for Christmas.” He said, “Well, I’ve got to be there.” And so he jumped on board and what ended up happening is my son, my daughter and I went to Kansas City together and we spent five days and six nights in my brother’s home completely reconnecting as a family. We were able to see my mom, take her out to dinner, had her over on Christmas day that year, there was snow on the ground, I’m telling you, it was just a magical experience, it was my miracle on 34th Street. It was amazing.

But it all triggered from that shower and from listening to my subconscious mind tell me, ‘go see your mother’. And that opened up all the rest of it. I didn’t have to do anything. All I had to do at that point was just be in the space and be in the path, the rest of it literally unfolded in front of me. I hope that that story encourages you, because no matter where you are in your path, when you learn to listen to your subconscious mind like I’m talking about here, then literally this type of thing can unfold in front of you all the time. And you can start to take on bigger things. I’m working right now on programming my subconscious mind for some major, major things to happen by July 1st of this year. And my subconscious mind has been challenging me and doubting me and there has been resistance there. And so I’m working through the process of reprogramming it, pressing the images of what I want to occur on my subconscious mind so that it gets convinced and then goes out into the fulfillment of what we’re talking about.

Now remember, we started today by talking about those times of the day when we can connect our subconscious mind and our conscious mind. Now, I firmly believe in the power of audio because so many things were spoken to me in my early programming. Remember that pastor who spoke to me, “You are my biggest disappointment.” Those were words that were spoken to me. And so I thought if words could program me one way, certainly I could use them to program me in a different direction. And that is so true. And one of the products that I found early on in my process was from brainsync.com. Now, on my website at www.subliminalmindmastery.com, over on the right hand side I have a link box to Brain Sync. And if you go there you will find a number of MP3 downloadable audios produced by Kelly Howell and one of the really cool things about Kelly Howell is in her own personal story, she talks about how she got into this business and it was almost the same thing as the Kansas City story. It was almost, go do audio, you know, you’ll be alright. And that’s what happened to her and she has had an amazing career over several decades working in this space of creating these various audio productions, these audio meditations. But the added ingredient is the music that she has also created. She brings your brain into various brain states.

And look, I’m not going to go into it right now. You can go on the website and do some research about the various brain states, she has a great tab there that will walk you all the way through what particular brain state produces, what particular connection with the subconscious mind. And then she’ll show you the products that she has for that particular brain state. So I bought some of her downloadable products and I started listening to them right away with my headphones on my iPod. And some of the titles that I listened to was kind of one of her base products is Brain Power, and there’s Awakening Kundalini, and Attracting Wealth and Deep Meditation and Deep Sleep was another one. And I’ll tell you how I used to sleep here in just a second. There are some other ones that helped me a lot even focusing during the day. She has High Focus and Pure Focus, there’s one called Sacred Ground which takes you to a higher spiritual level, Total Relaxation, The Secret to Attracting Wealth.

But the other thing that she has developed are several that are for sleeping. So there’s Deep Sleep for example. Now, these are designed for you to use with headphones, that’s how this music affects your brainwave frequency. But how do you wear headphones while you’re sleeping, if you wanted to listen to these while you were drifting off to sleep or even listen to them through the night? There is a product that you can buy off of her website that is a … it’s like a headband I guess is the best way to describe it. But it has a wire coming off of it and there are little embedded speakers in there so that you can put over your ears. It’s not perfect, I mean you toss and turn and it does come off and it twists and various things, but listen, if you’re really serious about turning your life around, and I was dead dog serious about changing my life, I would go to any extent to make it happen. And when I go back and look at my own life and look at where did it shift, where did it click, where did it shift into gear? It was during the time that I was listening to these meditation audios at night. So one of the greatest gifts that I could do is to pass on to you the things that helped me change my life so dramatically, so go check out Brain Sync, go to my website, subliminalmindmastery.com, click on that Brain Sync box and that will take you to my affiliate site to her website, and go shopping. And you can download them, they’re 9.95 a piece and there are some discounts if you buy more. And you can download them immediately and get this started in the next 10 minutes, literally you can be on your way. And yes, I still listen to them today.

I hope this podcast has been an encouragement to you. This is how you reprogram your subconscious mind. Go stop by Brain Sync, begin the process, journal, capture those thoughts and then begin to impress new thoughts on your subconscious mind in the direction that you want to go. I’m Thomas Miller. Thank you for listening.

Podcast 4 – The Law of Polarity

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There is ONE great Universal Law and 7 sub-laws.  The entire universe operates with precision within these laws of the universe.  The one, single thing that does not operate within these laws is the thinking human mind.

When we bring our conscious, thinking mind in alignment with our subconscious mind, which can only operate within these laws, miracles begin to happen.

This podcast explores these laws, particularly one – The Law of Polarity.



You know that there is really one great universal law and there are seven sub laws off of that one great law. And the whole universe works in this form and fashion according to these laws. They are as certain as the law of gravity. But because we are conscious thinking human beings a lot of the time we don’t operate according to these laws because we think we can operate outside of them.

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas Miller. Thank you for joining the podcast and the website is subconsciousmindmastery.com. It’s a place where we talk about how you can program your subconscious mind in such a way through thoughts and energy and visualization and beliefs and so impress that on the subconscious mind that it will then connect with that great energy of the universe to bring about its fulfillment, because that is the great law of the universe, that energy is. If you adopt it from a scientific standpoint you say that energy is, if you adopt it from a theology standpoint you say that God is. But the commonality is that there is a great spirit, there is a great connectivity or interconnectivity throughout the entire universe. I’m impressed by Wallace Waddles, wrote The Science of Getting Rich back in the early 1900s, almost 100 years ago. And in the book he says that there is a formless substance that fills every void and every space in the universe. It’s the same concept, however you visualize it or grasp it in your mind but that is the realm that our subconscious mind operates in.

Now, from that one great law that energy is there are seven sub laws and these laws are as predictable as the law of gravity. We’ve never had to have the law of gravity explained to us because we knew that it was there from the very beginning, as soon as we dropped our pacifier it went to the floor and it goes to the floor every time. If you look at the laws of agriculture, those laws are equally predictable, a seed goes into the ground, it dies, it germinates, it becomes a plant and it grows. That pattern is as predictable and you can count on it day in and day out on any continent of the world, any season of the year. There is a time to plant. There is a time to harvest. Our subconscious mind operates within the parameters of these seven laws governed by the great law that energy is, however our conscious mind does not. And that’s where the problem is, because we are thinking human beings with cognitive thinking ability. We often think that we can operate outside of the laws and we don’t think that we have to know the laws in order to create what we want because we feel that our conscious mind, our will and our volition can take us where we think we want to go.

I have two very exciting episodes of this podcast that we will release soon. They are two, part one and part two interviews with a friend of mine, Dr. David Slater. Dr. Slater had a skydiving accident when he was in college at Texas ANM University, and as a result had an out of body experience. And then in his 30s he had another situation where he was forced to rebuild his life and shift in a different direction again. And he has some very interesting theories that we are going to share with you on why we can’t affect change in our life and why we’re stuck on certain areas where we just can’t move forward. And it’s all around this central thesis, this theme of our subconscious mind drives everything that happens in our life. So please be sure to catch those episodes, I know that they will touch you deeply.

So let’s look at these seven laws, particularly we’ll focus on one of them and look at how it affects several areas of our life. These are in no particular order, one law is not greater than the other one, doesn’t build on the other, they all stand individually but I’m going to list them in such a way that the one that we want to focus on is mentioned last. The first that we’ll consider is the law of perpetual transmutation. This law basically says that something is always moving into form. A lot of times we forget that. The reason I say this is because if we have a negative thought or if we have a thought that doesn’t take us in the direction that we want to go, like I can’t pay my bills this month, something is always moving into form. And if you think that and you create that, that is what is going to move into form. When you really grasp the law of perpetual transmutation it will change the way that you think because you’ll realize that something is always happening out there in front of you and your thought is going to direct what happens in the path in the events of your future. And so it will completely shift the way that you think.

Another law is the law of relativity, this law says that there’s nothing big or small, close or far, that basically everything just is. It’s only a matter of perspective as to whether it’s big or small, good or bad, close or far, hot or cold, it’s all relative. My take on a situation, might be completely different than your take on the situation. Neither is right or wrong, they both just are.

Now, let’s talk about the law that is the basis of the law of attraction, it’s the law of vibration, like kind magnetizes like kind. I’m sure you’re familiar with the work of Esther Hicks and her channeled being Abraham. Esther outside of the movie, The Secret, I think has done more to popularize and teach on the law of vibration, that like mind magnetizes like kind, when you’re in a negative vibration you will attract negativity to you, it’s magnetic, and that is the law of attraction. When you finally shift into that internal subconscious vibration, that internal energy wave that aligns your subconscious with your conscious, that’s when you begin to attract things into your life. The problem is that most of the time we are in some way in conflict with those two realms, but that’s what this website is about. So stay with us we have a lot of material that we can cover over the years ahead.

The next law is the law of rhythm. Everything moves to and fro, you have a high tide, you have a low tide. You have seasons changing throughout the year, up and down, in and out, backward and forward, everything is always moving to and fro, the law of rhythm. Not everything in your life is always going to be going great guns and conversely when you’re going through one of those slumps and things just seem to be going wrong, that’s not going to last forever either, there will be a season, there will be a tide, there will be a change, just stay in the law of rhythm and realize that nothing lasts forever.

The next law is the law of cause and effect, Emerson called this the law of laws, the Bible calls it the golden rule, basically what you put out you get back. No law is greater than the other, but this law certainly affects so many areas of our life. It’s often said that if you put a negative out you’ll get a negative right back, but if you put a positive out, you have to incubate it and it will take a little bit of time but eventually you’ll get a positive back. Certainly you know the implications of this in relationships, in marriage, in dating if you’re single, in interoffice harmony at work, what you put out you will get back. Sow a positive seed expect to get a positive seed back. Sow a negative seed you’ve just made a withdrawal from that bank account.

The next law is the law of gender, basically like the seed that is planted in the ground there is a gestation period, there is a growing time between our idea and its manifestation. Sometimes that’s a long period of time. Sometimes that’s quite quickly. Our role is to trust the universe, trust that great energy, trust the spirit of God that that time will happen in just the right season according to the fulfillment of our desires. It’s not ours to consider how it’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen but just to hold that it will happen.

The seventh and final law and the one that we are going to spend some time on is the law of polarity. The law of polarity says that everything has an equal opposite, for up there’s down, for black there’s white. The law also states that these opposites are of equal force. So if you say, “Something bad has happened to me”, the law of polarity will shift it to think there’s something good out there as well in equal and opposite force. So if you think something has really bad happened to you then you should be on the lookout for something really good to happen to you. So how can we put this to work in our daily lives? Well let’s say that you get an idea, you think it’s a great idea and you run it by your friends or your boss and they don’t think it’s such a good idea, in fact there’s resistance to your great idea. And if you don’t get it by going to your friends or your boss, take it to your banker, try to convince him. There you’ll get some resistance and you’ll find out that really the rest of the world doesn’t think that you’ve come across such a great idea. I don’t think there’s been anything that anybody could point to in history where somebody came up with an idea and the world rolled out a red carpet at their feet, even Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Donald Trump or some of these incredible pioneers of the various thing that we know are greatness of our generation, they all had obstacles and they all had things that they had to overcome in building their various empires. And so it’s no different for you and me in our lives. If you come up with a great idea expect through the law of polarity that there’s going to be resistance, just be ready for it and don’t be surprised, upset or offended when it shows up.

Now, let’s take the game up a step, if you make a commitment, so now your idea is on the line, you’ve said, “I will commit to this.” The resistance is even going to be greater, the universe will test your resolve, the bigger the commitment you can expect the bigger the challenge. Think about this in the world of sales, you target a client, the great piece of business that you’d like to go after and they won’t even return your calls. I chased a television client for almost two years back when I was in television production, but it ended up being the defining moment of my career and it became my largest piece of business for over 12 years. That’s a long time in the television world. So the more they resist the more you should expect demand calling to existence a more and greater and bigger return. The same is true for relationships, health or anything else that you can think of to take on. Any idea or commitment, according to the law of polarity will be met with a challenge, with resistance.

The key then in how you operate within this law is that you persist. You’ve developed a vision in your mind, you’ve written it down, you’ve spoken it out to other people, you continue taking action in that direction, use the steps that we’ve already talked about in podcasts and in the blog articles, visualize it in your mind, write it down in your journal, speak it out to other people who will hold you accountable and they will support you in this vision, take the steps necessary to keep moving in that direction, check with your subconscious to make sure that it’s in harmony with your conscious mind and that there’s not some kind of disagreement there that’s keeping the action from unfolding. If there is, take the steps necessary to reprogram your subconscious mind by impressing your belief with emotion and visualization, vivid images that you can impress on your mind so that your subconscious and your conscious mind become aligned, that’s the gestation period. Remember these laws operate in harmony and sometimes it just takes time to get both sides of your brain headed in the right direction. But the point is, don’t give in to the resistance. Realize the law of polarity says the resistance will come, it’s part of the universal way. What happens is that we often meet that resistance and we give up, we don’t stay true and we don’t stay focused. So let your intuition keep guiding you, listen to your subconscious. Be persistent, don’t give up, never ever quit, there is an equal and opposite benefit for you over on the other side, life always cycles, expect it and don’t resist it during those shadowy times. I’m Thomas Miller…