Podcast 29 – Resistance

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If there is one area that will cause more damage to your personal development, it is this one.  Resistance.  It will stop the Law of Attraction in its tracks.  It often is the cause of the war between your conscious and subconscious mind.  It will draw things you don’t want closer to you and it will keep the things you want farther away.

“Resistance be gone!”  Let’s talk about it…

Podcast 4 – The Law of Polarity

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There is ONE great Universal Law and 7 sub-laws.  The entire universe operates with precision within these laws of the universe.  The one, single thing that does not operate within these laws is the thinking human mind.

When we bring our conscious, thinking mind in alignment with our subconscious mind, which can only operate within these laws, miracles begin to happen.

This podcast explores these laws, particularly one – The Law of Polarity.



You know that there is really one great universal law and there are seven sub laws off of that one great law. And the whole universe works in this form and fashion according to these laws. They are as certain as the law of gravity. But because we are conscious thinking human beings a lot of the time we don’t operate according to these laws because we think we can operate outside of them.

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas Miller. Thank you for joining the podcast and the website is subconsciousmindmastery.com. It’s a place where we talk about how you can program your subconscious mind in such a way through thoughts and energy and visualization and beliefs and so impress that on the subconscious mind that it will then connect with that great energy of the universe to bring about its fulfillment, because that is the great law of the universe, that energy is. If you adopt it from a scientific standpoint you say that energy is, if you adopt it from a theology standpoint you say that God is. But the commonality is that there is a great spirit, there is a great connectivity or interconnectivity throughout the entire universe. I’m impressed by Wallace Waddles, wrote The Science of Getting Rich back in the early 1900s, almost 100 years ago. And in the book he says that there is a formless substance that fills every void and every space in the universe. It’s the same concept, however you visualize it or grasp it in your mind but that is the realm that our subconscious mind operates in.

Now, from that one great law that energy is there are seven sub laws and these laws are as predictable as the law of gravity. We’ve never had to have the law of gravity explained to us because we knew that it was there from the very beginning, as soon as we dropped our pacifier it went to the floor and it goes to the floor every time. If you look at the laws of agriculture, those laws are equally predictable, a seed goes into the ground, it dies, it germinates, it becomes a plant and it grows. That pattern is as predictable and you can count on it day in and day out on any continent of the world, any season of the year. There is a time to plant. There is a time to harvest. Our subconscious mind operates within the parameters of these seven laws governed by the great law that energy is, however our conscious mind does not. And that’s where the problem is, because we are thinking human beings with cognitive thinking ability. We often think that we can operate outside of the laws and we don’t think that we have to know the laws in order to create what we want because we feel that our conscious mind, our will and our volition can take us where we think we want to go.

I have two very exciting episodes of this podcast that we will release soon. They are two, part one and part two interviews with a friend of mine, Dr. David Slater. Dr. Slater had a skydiving accident when he was in college at Texas ANM University, and as a result had an out of body experience. And then in his 30s he had another situation where he was forced to rebuild his life and shift in a different direction again. And he has some very interesting theories that we are going to share with you on why we can’t affect change in our life and why we’re stuck on certain areas where we just can’t move forward. And it’s all around this central thesis, this theme of our subconscious mind drives everything that happens in our life. So please be sure to catch those episodes, I know that they will touch you deeply.

So let’s look at these seven laws, particularly we’ll focus on one of them and look at how it affects several areas of our life. These are in no particular order, one law is not greater than the other one, doesn’t build on the other, they all stand individually but I’m going to list them in such a way that the one that we want to focus on is mentioned last. The first that we’ll consider is the law of perpetual transmutation. This law basically says that something is always moving into form. A lot of times we forget that. The reason I say this is because if we have a negative thought or if we have a thought that doesn’t take us in the direction that we want to go, like I can’t pay my bills this month, something is always moving into form. And if you think that and you create that, that is what is going to move into form. When you really grasp the law of perpetual transmutation it will change the way that you think because you’ll realize that something is always happening out there in front of you and your thought is going to direct what happens in the path in the events of your future. And so it will completely shift the way that you think.

Another law is the law of relativity, this law says that there’s nothing big or small, close or far, that basically everything just is. It’s only a matter of perspective as to whether it’s big or small, good or bad, close or far, hot or cold, it’s all relative. My take on a situation, might be completely different than your take on the situation. Neither is right or wrong, they both just are.

Now, let’s talk about the law that is the basis of the law of attraction, it’s the law of vibration, like kind magnetizes like kind. I’m sure you’re familiar with the work of Esther Hicks and her channeled being Abraham. Esther outside of the movie, The Secret, I think has done more to popularize and teach on the law of vibration, that like mind magnetizes like kind, when you’re in a negative vibration you will attract negativity to you, it’s magnetic, and that is the law of attraction. When you finally shift into that internal subconscious vibration, that internal energy wave that aligns your subconscious with your conscious, that’s when you begin to attract things into your life. The problem is that most of the time we are in some way in conflict with those two realms, but that’s what this website is about. So stay with us we have a lot of material that we can cover over the years ahead.

The next law is the law of rhythm. Everything moves to and fro, you have a high tide, you have a low tide. You have seasons changing throughout the year, up and down, in and out, backward and forward, everything is always moving to and fro, the law of rhythm. Not everything in your life is always going to be going great guns and conversely when you’re going through one of those slumps and things just seem to be going wrong, that’s not going to last forever either, there will be a season, there will be a tide, there will be a change, just stay in the law of rhythm and realize that nothing lasts forever.

The next law is the law of cause and effect, Emerson called this the law of laws, the Bible calls it the golden rule, basically what you put out you get back. No law is greater than the other, but this law certainly affects so many areas of our life. It’s often said that if you put a negative out you’ll get a negative right back, but if you put a positive out, you have to incubate it and it will take a little bit of time but eventually you’ll get a positive back. Certainly you know the implications of this in relationships, in marriage, in dating if you’re single, in interoffice harmony at work, what you put out you will get back. Sow a positive seed expect to get a positive seed back. Sow a negative seed you’ve just made a withdrawal from that bank account.

The next law is the law of gender, basically like the seed that is planted in the ground there is a gestation period, there is a growing time between our idea and its manifestation. Sometimes that’s a long period of time. Sometimes that’s quite quickly. Our role is to trust the universe, trust that great energy, trust the spirit of God that that time will happen in just the right season according to the fulfillment of our desires. It’s not ours to consider how it’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen but just to hold that it will happen.

The seventh and final law and the one that we are going to spend some time on is the law of polarity. The law of polarity says that everything has an equal opposite, for up there’s down, for black there’s white. The law also states that these opposites are of equal force. So if you say, “Something bad has happened to me”, the law of polarity will shift it to think there’s something good out there as well in equal and opposite force. So if you think something has really bad happened to you then you should be on the lookout for something really good to happen to you. So how can we put this to work in our daily lives? Well let’s say that you get an idea, you think it’s a great idea and you run it by your friends or your boss and they don’t think it’s such a good idea, in fact there’s resistance to your great idea. And if you don’t get it by going to your friends or your boss, take it to your banker, try to convince him. There you’ll get some resistance and you’ll find out that really the rest of the world doesn’t think that you’ve come across such a great idea. I don’t think there’s been anything that anybody could point to in history where somebody came up with an idea and the world rolled out a red carpet at their feet, even Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Donald Trump or some of these incredible pioneers of the various thing that we know are greatness of our generation, they all had obstacles and they all had things that they had to overcome in building their various empires. And so it’s no different for you and me in our lives. If you come up with a great idea expect through the law of polarity that there’s going to be resistance, just be ready for it and don’t be surprised, upset or offended when it shows up.

Now, let’s take the game up a step, if you make a commitment, so now your idea is on the line, you’ve said, “I will commit to this.” The resistance is even going to be greater, the universe will test your resolve, the bigger the commitment you can expect the bigger the challenge. Think about this in the world of sales, you target a client, the great piece of business that you’d like to go after and they won’t even return your calls. I chased a television client for almost two years back when I was in television production, but it ended up being the defining moment of my career and it became my largest piece of business for over 12 years. That’s a long time in the television world. So the more they resist the more you should expect demand calling to existence a more and greater and bigger return. The same is true for relationships, health or anything else that you can think of to take on. Any idea or commitment, according to the law of polarity will be met with a challenge, with resistance.

The key then in how you operate within this law is that you persist. You’ve developed a vision in your mind, you’ve written it down, you’ve spoken it out to other people, you continue taking action in that direction, use the steps that we’ve already talked about in podcasts and in the blog articles, visualize it in your mind, write it down in your journal, speak it out to other people who will hold you accountable and they will support you in this vision, take the steps necessary to keep moving in that direction, check with your subconscious to make sure that it’s in harmony with your conscious mind and that there’s not some kind of disagreement there that’s keeping the action from unfolding. If there is, take the steps necessary to reprogram your subconscious mind by impressing your belief with emotion and visualization, vivid images that you can impress on your mind so that your subconscious and your conscious mind become aligned, that’s the gestation period. Remember these laws operate in harmony and sometimes it just takes time to get both sides of your brain headed in the right direction. But the point is, don’t give in to the resistance. Realize the law of polarity says the resistance will come, it’s part of the universal way. What happens is that we often meet that resistance and we give up, we don’t stay true and we don’t stay focused. So let your intuition keep guiding you, listen to your subconscious. Be persistent, don’t give up, never ever quit, there is an equal and opposite benefit for you over on the other side, life always cycles, expect it and don’t resist it during those shadowy times. I’m Thomas Miller…

Podcast 1 – Introduction to Subconscious Mind Mastery


For several years, I’ve always wanted to launch a website and podcast. I’ve been impressed with the work of people like Kelly Howell, whose own work has been an inspiration. Now it’s time. This is an introduction to me and the site. I trust you’ll enjoy us getting to know each other a little bit.  Welcome to the program called Subconscious Mind Mastery.

I’m Thomas Miller, and this is a story of my journey from failure to consciousness.
This is a work in progress, so let’s grow together!


This is subconscious mind mastery podcast number 1 recorded on Easter Sunday March 31st, 2013.

And thank you for joining us for this very first podcast of this new website launch called subconscious mind mastery. My name is Thomas Miller. I live in Dallas, Texas. And this is the first podcast and so this is obviously going to be an introductory podcast to tell you a little bit about the site and a little bit about myself. So we’re going to keep this to about 12-15 minutes. So thank you for joining us, this will get us started and then there’s going to be a lot of great content and interaction to follow. Already we have a couple of good posts. I would point you especially to the one that is the 12 minute long video of Bob Procter. I’ve never heard a better explanation of what the subconscious mind is than what Bob does in describing that 12 minutes that he did on how you got to where you are, how your subconscious mind was programmed to be the way that it is. And then of course the follow through is how to reprogram it so that you can literally direct yourself from the inside out of how you’d like to live the life of your dreams.

So what is the subconscious mind? Freud called it the unconscious mind, that mind that you don’t have a cognitive relationship with, to many it’s intuition or gut feeling or instinct or that little voice in your head. But as Bob Procter pointed out so brilliantly, the subconscious mind is programmed. It’s partially genetic and then a big part is environmental. I heard a great explanation of this from Dr. Sean Sullivan, his website is the mindmaster.com and he has a clinical practice in the San Francisco Bay area. And he’s developed a 21 day program called the Mind Mastery Program. This was something that I found a couple of years ago and did it on my iPad and as I got further into I thought, oh my goodness, this is an amazing program. Dr. Sullivan describes the subconscious mind this way. Think of a bridge and under the bridge of course is the water; above the bridge as he describes it is a night sky. I’m not going to go into the descriptions of what the water represents and what the night sky represents, we’ll talk about that later because I love his program and we’ll talk about it in future podcasts.

But between you, your conscious self you and where you want to go over there on the other side of the bridge, the goals, the aspirations, the dreams, the things that you’d like to achieve is a bridge keeper on that bridge. And so every time you try to cross the bridge the bridge keeper is there to remind you of all the things and all the reasons and all the circumstances and literally that bridge keeper has been storing every memory, every experience, every emotion, everything that has ever happened to you and the bridge keeper only has one purpose in mind and that is to keep you safe. It really is an amazing composition how we humans are designed because that subconscious, that unconscious part of our brain is literally programmed by all of life’s experiences to keep us safe. So how does the bridge keeper get programmed? Well like I said, partially it’s genetic, I think all of us are born with some genetic predisposition to be the way that we’re going to be. I don’t think you could argue that. But then literally from the day you’re born and I would even encourage to explore possibly before you were born, now it gets a little weird and let’s don’t get into that yet, I’ll lay the groundwork for that better a little later.

But think about since the day you were born everything that happened to you, how your parents treated you, what took place repetitiously in your life, all the attitudes, all the actions, all of the responses, all of the people, the places, the things, the memories, the experiences, think about it, the pain, the pleasure, what gave you peace and comfort, what upset you, what caused you to be anxious, what caused you to be fearful, what gave you strength and ambition or what held you back. All of these things and more go into programming your subconscious mind so whenever you try to get from here to there, no matter what the over there, don’t misunderstand that the over there is not the Nirvana, Utopia, laying on the beach and sipping pina coladas and working off your laptop all day, that’s not what I’m talking about, it’s anything that you want to try to aspire.

Let’s say it’s a new relationship or a new job, a new career field, a new geography, a new location, just joining a gym or doing something different in your life, it really doesn’t matter, but between you, the conscious you here and there is that bridge keeper. And every time you try to go over there all the circumstances and the circumstances are what Dr. Sullivan represents as the water below, all the things that you look at in that water underneath the bridge, the bridge keeper is reminding you, you’ll get in trouble if you go over there, remember last time, that didn’t work out so well. Oh no, don’t go there, you’ll lose all your money, you can’t do that. Don’t go with her, she’s trouble. And then sometimes based on improper information the bridge keeper will cause you to go in certain directions, oh yeah, come on; remember how the last time that happened and it worked out okay. But really it’s something that you shouldn’t do. So in these cases the subconscious mind is only operating out of 100% complete desire to keep you safe. It wants to use all the things, all the resources, all the memories, all the emotions of your past to keep you on the right track.

The problem is a lot of the times those emotions and those memories and that programming is not what you need to serve you today because obviously we grow as human beings, we learn new experiences, we develop intuitions, we develop resources in our conscious mind that then have to be transmitted and imposed and watch the Bob Procter video, impressed on the subconscious mind. And once those new memories and those new patterns and those new circumstances are impressed on the subconscious mind then we are acting in harmony, our conscious mind and our subconscious mind to move us in a certain direction. But you know how powerful the subconscious mind is, that as a young person a little suggestion, a little comment, some little phrase or word from somebody can alter the entire course of the rest of your life. And I’m speaking from experience because the reason this site exists is that I’m going to explore the world with you of how to reprogram, unprogram, deprogram and reprogram powerfully your subconscious mind.

Let me tell you one of the things that happened to me and my story is amazing. And I’ll reveal more of it as we go along. But I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I was born into a very fundamental staunch religious family, Christianity. And if ever Christianity, you know, they talk about the Bible belt, if ever there was a buckle of the Bible belt Tulsa, Oklahoma was the buckle of the Bible belt. And so my whole world at home and at church revolved around the Bible, scripture and I had a very dominant mother who always expressed her will and desire for me. And I would also like to add that my mum passed away in February of 2013 and actually this website I am committing in memory and honor of her, not because she showed me how to reprogram my subconscious mind but actually created such a world and an opening that it gave me the exploration to go in and explore and unfortunately was something that she never did. I love my mum and I was at her bedside, I was holding her as she took her last breath. But she never came to the point where she was able to address the very issue and the very topic of this website. And it played out in our family. It played out in my life in a number of dramatically negative ways until finally I hit bottom at age 47. And I knew that I had to do something different and I knew that I had to live my life in a different way and that’s when I started to explore some of this material.

But back to my childhood and actually in high school at our Baptist church one Sunday night I made a commitment that I would go into the Christian ministry, that I would go to college, and then go to seminary and then become a pastor, a preacher. And I made that known to the church. Well my mother and our pastor could not have been happier, oh my, you talk about being people pleasers. I had just become the ultimate people pleaser. They were so thrilled that I did. Well, life took a couple of different turns and in my sophomore year of college I got into radio and broadcasting and then by my senior year of college I was doing the news, I was literally the anchor, the six and ten o’clock anchor of the ABC affiliate television station in Fayetteville, Arkansas, my senior year of college at 21 years old. And I went on from there after graduation to work at another television station.

Well, a couple of years after that I met the man who was our pastor growing up in high school, I’ll never forget it as long as I live, we met by some tennis courts in Vail, Colorado. We happened by a chance meeting to run into each other up there and he said, “Hey, I want to talk to you for a minute.” And he sat me down by those tennis courts and he proceeded to say this, he said, “In my ministry…” which by then he was in his late 30s and had been pastoring various congregations since he was about 20 years old. He said, “In the 15 years or so of my ministry there have only been two people who have really disappointed me.” And he mentioned a man who was currently living in Arkansas who had an affair with a church member and suffered a divorce as a result. And he mentioned him and then he looked at me and he said, “And you, you are my biggest disappointment in my ministry.” Well, I can honestly tell you I never heard anything else after that because this guy was huge in my life, he was a tremendous influence and I looked up to this guy. And I know that in his heart he was trying to bring me back to that commitment in high school. And I was wrong for not acknowledging that I had gone a different direction. I mean at least I could have cleaned that up in a number of different ways. That’s not the point here. The point is that this man said, “You are my biggest disappointment.” And he was a person who I really, really admired and looked up to.

And so that was a focal point for the rest of my adult life because as I looked back at my life as I was approaching 50 and looked at how many times I figured out a way to become a disappointment to people. I would disappoint employers and spouses and my kids and my friends and on and on through the course of my life as I unpacked it over hours and hours of reflection and filling up journal after journal after journal of notes. It opened up to me that that man spoke into my subconscious mind words that were so powerful that my conscious mind never had to acknowledge or hear them again for the rest of my adult life.

I had forgotten about that conversation, but it was so impermeated in my subconscious mind that it literally drove me to performance in every single area of my life for over 25 years. And I never put it together that that moment was a tipping point, a trigger point, a focal point for me for my adult life. And I never caught it. And so a lot of my adult life was missed because my subconscious had been actively programmed by words from somebody that I just didn’t say, “Thank you for sharing, I wasn’t on good ground with who I was. I was under the control and domination and fear of the lord and the church and the whole thing.” Which after I got to a point of dealing with it I kind of had to go to a whiteboard, you know, like taking a dry erase marker board and squirting that spray up on it and taking an eraser or a towel or something and just erasing it so it becomes completely white. That’s kind of what I had to do with religion and spirituality, is just like start over, you know, let’s redraw this picture. And I’m still putting the pieces and the parts of that together. But those words anchored into my subconscious mind and ended up driving every result of my adult life.

Finally then at age 47 I hit bottom after my second divorce and I sat down and I said, “I have got to figure out what’s going on with my life.” And that’s when I started to study this material and I started to learn how it works. And I found sources like Bob Procter and Dr. Sean Sullivan. They came to me in the quest of my journey. And so I don’t consider it an accident that you’ve landed on this web page, because you are seeking and we’ve connected here. And we’re going to walk through a journey together to help you identify and reprogram your subconscious mind. And in the process I’m doing it every day right along with you. What’s really cool about the internet is that we can involve sources from literally all over the world. And we’re going to create what I hope becomes a wildly and highly popular podcast and iTunes and Blackberry and other podcast feeds and we’ll interview great minds who have studied this field extensively. I mean after all I do have a radio background and so we can put that to use. And especially I hope to talk to you, our readers and listeners who have a multitude of information to share and experiences where you have changed your own life, all of this for the purpose of helping you really change your brain from the inside out. So I hope that you’ll bookmark this page, drawing our RSS feed for the podcast, stop by often and tell your friends. Thank you for listening to podcast number 1 of subconscious mind mastery.

Thomas Miller

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind.  Freud called it the unconscious mind, and believed it has a will and purpose of its own that cannot be known to the conscious mind.  It may also be known as instinct, gut feeling, intuition.  I believe the subconscious mind is that deepest part of our soul, and is the very compass that guides our life’s course.

Perhaps the best description I’ve ever heard of the subconscious mind comes from Dr. Sean Sullivan, http://themindmaster.com, a Bay-Area clinical psychologist, author and creator of The Mind Master program.

We are going to discuss some of his material in greater depth in future posts, but basically Dr. Sullivan describes a picture of your life as being on two sides of a bridge.  On one side is where you are now, living your daily life in your conscious mind.  On the other side are the hopes, dreams and ambitions you hope to achieve.  Or think of it this way, on the other side could literally be anything you want to accomplish, big or small.  In between you and where you want to be is the bridge, and on that bridge is a bridge keeper, representing your subconscious mind.

The bridge keeper stores up all the accounts of everything that has happened in your life.  He/she comprises your genetic makeup, your upbringing, every single thing that has ever happened to you in the past is stored there with the bridge keeper.  So when you try to move across the bridge, to that place you want to go, the bridge keeper is there to create fear, doubt, and to bring every remembrance of the past to keep you safe and often from moving across the bridge.

This is the protective side of the subconscious mind.  It is that voice that combines all of who you are with all you have experienced, for the sole purpose of protecting you.

The challenge for many of us is bringing our conscious mind and our subconscious mind in alignment to move us toward what we want to accomplish.  To do this, we frequently have to re-program the bridge keeper.

That is what this website is about.  Re-programming your subconscious mind so we can achieve all in life we want.

This will be a multi-media experience with podcasts, available on iTunes, videos which will be posted in YouTube, and weekly blog posts.  I hope you will subscribe to the feed and we will see you weekly for incredible information on how you can program your subconscious mind to lead you to the life you love.

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