What is it like communicating with spirits in the non-physical with Julie Jancius and Majona

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Since she was a child, Majona has been able to see, hear and feel spirits from the non-physical. This may seem threatening if someone is not familiar with this reality, but to Majona, it was totally normal. She thought everyone could. It wasn’t until she was almost 10 years old that she finally realized she was very much in the minority and most people cannot communicate outside our Earth-reality. 

Now meet Julie Jancius who hosts the “Angels and Awakening” podcast, a new series that she is doing a great job with! I was recently a guest on Julie’s show, and was so impressed, I wanted to introduce her to you! She has a deep connection with spirit and a beautiful energy that radiates right through the microphone! 

Majona and Julie talk about their mutual experiences communicating with those who have left the physical realm, but are still very much connected and interested in what is going on with us here. This will open you up to new dimensions and a realization that there is so much more than we are aware of here on Earth. 

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